How Fast Is 125cc Off-road Vehicle?

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125cc remains one of the top engines in the transport industry. However, most people don’t know the kind of speed this engineering masterpiece delivers. Well, that pace depends on the vehicle that is housing the engine.

In this write-up, we will consider and evaluate the precise speed of 125cc in a dirt bike, ATV, scooter, and motorcycle.


Read on and enjoy.

How Fast Is A 125cc Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes are, without a doubt, one of the lightest vehicles around. So how much speed can a 125cc dirt bike produce? You may be able to average 35mph. Although, if you push further, you can attain a top speed of 55-60mph. The first gear can deliver a tempo of 15 mph for a start while the subsequent gears do the rest.

Brand Top Speed
Honda CRF12555mph
Kawasaki Z125 60mph
Suzuki DR-Z12569mph
Yamaha yz12570mph

What Factors Affect the 125cc Dirt Bike Speed?

However, the top and average speed is quite subjective and depends on some factors. You may find your dirt bike faster or slower based on:

  • If the bike is 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke: Contrary to popular opinions, a 2-stroke dirt bike is a bit faster than the latter. Apart from the fact that it is lightweight, the operations of a 2-stroke engine are strictly limited to two major functions―combustion and compression. 4-stroke engines on the other hand follow a more complex process which makes the bike a bit slower. They move at about 50mph max. If you are after speed, 2-stroke does the job well.
  • Weight Factor: You have to be watchful of the cargo and extra components aboard your dirt bike. Upgrades that contribute significantly to the weight of your motorcycle would also slow it down. Moreover, most bikes support a maximum load of 200 to 250 pounds. Therefore, any weight above that range will drain the speed of your dirt bike.
  • Terrain: Although dirt bikes are built for rough terrains, it still doesn’t change the fact that they can’t move too fast on an uneven platform. You cannot expect the bike to move fast in a muddy area as compared with dry regions. Forcing your bike to reach top speed in unfavourable conditions could cut its lifespan. Wind direction also affects how fast your 125cc bike moves.

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How Fast Is A 125cc ATV?

Of all the vehicles that house the 125cc engine, the ATV is one of the slowest. This quadricycle fits into all terrains so it is not expressly built for speed. Also, because the ATV is built for younger generations, it can attain top and average speeds of 40mph and 25mph respectively.

Are 125cc ATVs Safe For Kid?

Ideally, 125cc ATVs may be a bit too powerful for kids to handle. They should use ATVs that range from 70cc to 90cc. Nevertheless, technology has improved the solution to this safety concern. Some manufacturers have found better ways to optimize 125cc engines for kids. So, you will find several brands that specially design these powerful vehicles for young people.


Although young folks can ride these kid-friendly ATVs on their own, we still recommend that you monitor them. Once they can handle it on their own, then you can leave them to freedom. 

Can Adults Use 125cc ATV?

Can adults also use 125cc ATVs? The simple answer is yes. However, we normally recommend higher engines for adults. 125cc ATVs may restrict your comfort as an adult because of your weight and height matter.

How Fast Is A 125cc Motorcycle?

If you are after a fast 125cc vehicle, you should consider motorcycles. They are equally durable and efficient. Although speed significantly depends on the brand, they generally tend to peak at 110 to 130mph. The sport builds are usually the fastest. If you are a beginner rider, a 125cc motorcycle would serve you right. 

What Factors Affect the 125cc Motorcycle Speed?

When it comes to 125cc motorcycles, speed is relative because it depends on several factors. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Wind: Wind resistance is the last thing you probably thought would slow you down on a bike. However, it is not easy to ride in the strong wind against your direction of movement. If you hope to beat the wind barrier, you should get wind protection on your motorcycle; it is quite easy to install.
  • Engine Type: 2-stroke engines are generally faster than 4-stroke because of their lightweight and in-built power. While 4-stroke engines are advantageous in that they require less maintenance, they also slow down your motorcycle.
  • Load: You shouldn’t expect your motorcycle to be faster when there is a passenger behind. Naturally, more load is synonymous with lesser speed. If you wish to attain the true maximum speed, then you should consider lessening the payload on the motorcycle.

Other factors may include minor considerations like the fuel level. A full tank would take you farther but would also slow you down because of the weight contribution.

How Fast is a 125cc Scooter?

If you’d love to opt for a 125cc vehicle that would give you a personal feel, there is no better option than a scooter. However, scooters are not for kids or young teenagers. 125cc scooters are pretty quick and they could easily peek at a velocity of 60mph. These vehicles are more appreciated in a professional setting, which means you could drive them on a motorway.

In the meantime, let’s have a peek at some popular brands and their top speed.

Scooter BrandSpeed
Yamaha NMAX 12565mph
Honda PCX 12570mph
Kawasaki J12570mph
Honda Forza 12580mph


Contrary to popular opinion, a 125CC engine is not as slow as people think. The important goal is for you to get the right vehicle for the right purpose. If you ride on rough terrain, you should consider getting an ATV, if you prefer speed and adventure, a motorcycle will be better.

To truly enjoy the 125CC engine, you need what suits you. If you notice an unsatisfactory energy output level, you should consider the speed limiting factors that we discussed.

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