What Does XL, XLT, STX Mean on Ford Truck?

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Do you know what the different XL, XLT, and STX designations on Ford trucks mean? If not, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Ford offers a variety of trim levels for their trucks, which can be a bit confusing for buyers.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what the XL, XLT, and STX trim levels mean and the comparison between them. I hope this information will help you decide which Ford truck is right for you!

What Does XL Mean?

XL means “Extra Large” and is an option that was available on the Ford F-250 and F-350 series trucks.

XL options also included a 10-foot long cargo box, which provided an extra 3 feet of cargo space. XL was the highest trim level of these trucks until 2012 when STX was introduced as a new top-level trim package.

The XL truck has several safe technological exteriors and interior features to ensure your day runs smoothly. It has daytime running lamps, integrated cargo trucks with high-mounted stop lamps, and halogen lamps. The XL truck also has a two-bar grille and two front tow hooks. In addition to these, it also has a rear underframe spare tire carrier.

What Does XLT Mean?

XLT is a short acronym for Extra Luxurious Truck, which is offered on the Ford F-150. The XLT trim package has nothing to do with the length of its bed; thus it doesn’t mean it is an extra-large truck. It has additional unique features compared to XL features. Here are its external features;

  • Rear bumpers and chrome fronts
  • Front halogen fog lamps
  • Powerhead tailgate
  • Automated rain lamps wiper activation and headlamps
  • Power adjusting side mirrors

What Does STX Mean?

STX means Sports Truck Extra or Sports Truck Extreme. Since 2017, it has strictly had an appearance package meaning. Initially, it is a mid-level truck with added features for extreme conditions.

The features of an STX are;

  • Privacy glass 
  • Halogen frosts lamps 
  • Front and rear window defroster
  • Front body-colour fascia and colour bumpers
  • 20- inch machined aluminium wheels

The STX has interior and exterior modifications meant to spruce your drive. It is an upgrade from both XL and XLT packages.

XL vs. XLT vs. STX: Similarities

XL, XLT, and STX trucks have many similarities in external and internal design, and performance. Here is a brief description.


The XL, SLT, and STX have 3.3L Ti-VCT V6 engines, which provide 290 HP and 265 lb. torque. These engines include a direct fuel injection system of two injectors per cylinder. There is also 6-speed automatic transmission with three selection modes: speed, normal, and tow or haul.


Both XL and XLT have manual air conditioning systems and a 2.3-inch productivity screen. Other additional interior similarities include;

  • Fade-to-off lights
  • Black urethane steering wheel
  • Fordpass Connect with a Wi-Fi hotspot.


XL, STX, and XLT share the same halogen lamps. Also, their level names only distinguish them from their predecessors, but not their size.

Everything you want to need about XL and XLT will be explained by Town and Country TV.

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XL vs. XLT vs. STX: Differences

Although STX, XL, and XLT have many design and performance similarities, there are also a few differences. Here is the design and performance comparison between the three. 


One of the most crucial features of a truck is its performance. Although these trucks have outstanding performances, there are differences.

  • The XLT and STX offer 3.0L power stroke diesel engines, while the XL model doesn’t offer this option.
  • STX and XLT offer six-wheel choices, while XL offers only four-wheel choices.


There are several critical differences between the three trucks. Here are the key interior distinctions.

First, SYNC is the popular entertainment system on XLT and STX, while on XL, it is the AM/FFM stereo.

XL offers an optional lane-keeping system, reverse sensing system, and ford co-pilot, while STX offers standard features. The STX and XLT are equipped with upgradable LED. On the other hand, XL has an optional halogen light.

Secondly, cruise control is standard on XLT models. Although it is not standard on XL, it is available for them. 

The XL model has standard black vinyl floor covers, while the XLT has color-coordinated carpeted floor mats.

Since the STX is an upgrade to the XLT package, you expect a lot of differences between the two. However, most STX technology features are similar, with unique badging.


The XL has a basic exterior design of the three truck types. On the other hand, the major difference between XLT and STX is their exterior design; otherwise, they are similar.

STX has a body-colored grille bumper, halogen headlamps. In addition, it has 20-inch machined aluminum wheels and privacy glasses. However, on a Ford F250, its exterior design includes grille and chrome bumpers plus an 18-inch cast-aluminum wheel.

The exterior design of XLT includes a grille and chrome bumpers with automatic on and off headlamps. It also has an automated rain lamp wiper activation system. Like the STX package, the Ford F250 has an 18-inch cast aluminum wheel.

How the Ford F150 STX and XLT are different! Let’s check it out with Town and Country TV.

Which One Is The Best?

All three truck levels have unique features. They can all suit everyone depending on your needs. If you are after a simple but capable truck for your work, I recommend the XL truck. However, suppose you prefer a reliable and, at the same time stylish and convenient truck, I recommend an XLT or STX.

They are all dependable trucks. The choice only lies in your preference for style, comfort, and convenience. However, regardless of your choice, ensure you make the car your own; otherwise, it won’t feel like yours.

Thus, to ensure you choose the most suitable truck, analyze the following needs comprehensively. 

Simplicity: If you only need a simple truck to complete work, go for XL.

Convenience and style: If you are interested in styles and convenience in addition to simplicity, then an XLT or STX is the most appropriate choice. Of the three tracks, I rank the STX as the best in terms of style, workability, and convenience; thus, given a choice of these three, I will go for it.


In conclusion, there are three levels of ford trucks; the XL, the XLT, and STX. These level names do not denote the truck’s size but its level name, which is meant to distinguish them from their predecessors. The XL was the initial standard truck before safety, and technological additions were made to produce XLT and STX truck levels. Although they are manufactured by ford, there are differences in performance, interior external, and internal features.

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