Tail Light Wiring Color CodeĀ 

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Tail Lights save drivers from dangers. However, the different lights within a vehicle are wired with distinct wires and colors.

Have you ever needed to fix your tail light wiring yourself? If yes, then you will understand how incredibly frustrating it can be, except you are a mechanic. As if that is not enough, the user manual is detailed with complexities that will only make your headache worse.


Here is how you can identify tail light wiring color codes. 

Each vehicle has different tail light wiring color.
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What Is The Tail Light Wiring Color Code?

The tail light wiring color code is the four-colored wires that make up the car’s tail light wiring system. Each wire connects to a different function. The road and transportation organization of the government provides the codes along with some mechanical expertise. As a result, the color codes vary depending on the country. Misconnecting the wire can cause a malfunction to your car’s control and programming or less productivity. 

What Are The Wire Colors For The Ford Tail Lights? 

The Ford tail light wire contains 7 pins.

  • The white or ground wire is pin 1.  
  • The brake controller output or brake is Pin 2.
  • The running and tail light is pin 3. 
  • The 12V battery power is pin 4. 
  • The brake, stoplights, or left turn signal is pin 5.
  • The brake, stoplights, or right turn signal is pin 6.
  • Pin 7 controls reverse or auxiliary light function.

Ground or negative wire 

The ground wire is the same for any lamp. Unlike other wires that are hard to locate due to different colors, the negative wire is usually either white, black, or both colors. 

Backup light wire 


The backup light wire connects separately on the right and left connectors. It is either black or pink. However, the backup light wire is not included in a 6, 5, and 4-way trailer. 

License and park light wire 

The licenses and park tail wire connect to pin 4. It is also mostly in brown shade

Left and right turn signal wires 

All the right and left turn signal wires are attached. The right brake or turn signal wire is light blue or orange. You will find it attached under the truck. On the other hand, the left brake or turn signal is orange or light green. 

The Center high mount stop light wire 

The CHMSL wire is mostly green. Also referred to as the extra hotwire, you will find it beneath the driver’s side step plate.  

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What Are The Wire Colors For The Jeep Tail Lights? 

  • Tail: black or yellow wire 
  • Left side brake and turn: green or red wire 
  • Right side brake and turn: brown or red wire 
  • Reverse: violet or black wire. 

How Can You Tell Which Wire Is Positive and Reverse? 

Turn on the ignition and put the gear in reverse. Then, activate the parking brake to ensure that only the backup light is active at the tail light. At that time, unscrew the light panel and trace the wires of the activated light. Next, use a DC voltage tester in a DC volt position to find the negative lead from the exposed wires.  

Note: Don’t touch the metals together to avoid shorting them. 

What Should You Do If Your Tail Lights Don’t Work? 

Check the fuse

A blown fuse will cause your tail lights to go out. The tail light fuse is still good if the piece of metal inside it is still intact. However, if the metal looks fractured or broken, it means the fuse will require a replacement. 

Check the tail lamp

Check the tail lamp for loose wires. Then, you should reattach them. 

Check the tail light bulbs

If the wiring and fuse look good, check the tail bulbs themselves. Unscrew the taillight lenses from outside and check if the filament is vibrating or moving. You will need to replace a burnt bulb. If not, then your vehicle may have a more complicated electrical problem. 

Check the tail light lenses

Inspect the lenses to ensure they are not broken or cracked. If they are, remove the lenses and fix the cracks with repair tape or broken spots with the lens repair resin. 

Tips For Keeping Your Tail Lights In Good Conditions

tips for keeping tail lights in good conditions

Regular condensation will find its way inside the tail light. When it continues for an extended period, it will transform into a grimy and thick substance that will make your taillight dirty. To fix it: 

Step 1: Remove your tail lights 

Step 2: Detach the bulb and drain out the water 

Step 3: Clean them inside out with a degreaser 

Step 4: Wipe them dry with a cloth or paper towel and put them back. 

Step 5: Dry them out with a hairdryer. However, place cardboard or any similar item between the dryer and taillight to prevent damage from excess heat. 

Step 6: Prevent condensation by using Teflon tape to seal the taillight from moisture. However, you must be careful with this approach to avoid breaking any law. 


1. Can you install tail lights yourself? 

Yes, you can. Installing your tail lights is as easy as replacing a bulb.

2. What to do if your tail light fuse blows? 

Use a tweezer or your fingers to take out the fuse and bring it to an auto store to find a match. After that, buy a replacement and insert it in the vacant position to replace the blown fuse. 


You must understand what each wiring in your tail light does and where it goes to determine why it may not be working well. In essence, never put a car with questionable wiring on the road. Although the manual shows where each wire is supposed to connect to, you can use our explanation to simplify the confusion. 

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