Biggest Tires on Stock F250 4×4

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When you think of a tire upgrade on the F250, one thing needs to come to your mind – It is a Solid Front Axle (SFA) truck, which makes it an excellent option for customizations. That’s pretty much as good news as you’ll need to hear concerning a car upgrade. Among the numerous upgrades this good news bears, tire upgrades are some of the critical step-ups you’ll need for a more reliable, smoother, or fancier ride.

That brings along the question of what tires you’ll need for the upgrade. 

Manufacturers make tires with different specifications, and size is among the most popular variations. This article shows the biggest tires for stock F250s with different specifications. Let’s ride!

What Is The Biggest Tire For A Stock F250 With Lift?

2-inch Lift

With a 2-inch lift, your Ford F-250 can comfortably accommodate 35-inch tires. The tires can go with a 10-inch width, and you’ll need to do a few modifications to make it fit perfectly. However, that will only be a little trimming. The SFA status of the truck makes its rims sit high enough for easy installation.

If you’ll be traversing extremely rugged terrain, then installing a leveling kit that comes with adjustable coil-overs is advisable. The kit comes with pitman arms and a radius, and they are pretty easy to install.

4-inch Lift

Just like in the 2-inch lifted F-250, the biggest tire you can fit onto a stock F-250 with a 4-inch lift is 35 inches. However, the difference comes with the maximum tire width you can run on. The 4-inch lift allows for a 12-inch wide tire, which will definitely pop out of the tire housing, but instead offers a great look.

Again, there will be minimal-to-no adjustments needed in the wheel area.

6-inch Lift

The 6-inch Lift is the largest you can get on your F-250, which is also the most popular among the three lift options. That is because its price point is not further from the 4-inch one, and it offers a lot of wheel options.

The 6-inch Lift gives you the room for a 37-inch tire, of course, with few modifications here and there. You’ll need to trim the plastic around the tire to allow effective turning. The front tires will require more modification.

The tires can go as wide as 12 inches, but you can run on 35-inch tires with a 14-inch width. The choice is yours!

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What is the biggest tire for a stock F250 with no lift?

The biggest tire for a stock F-250 is the 34.6” option, on 16” rims. That fits comfortably without the need for suspension adjustments. However, you’ll practically have limited tire options with no lift than with a tire lift.

If you’d love to go off-roading or on rough terrain, it is advisable to get a suspension lift and do some modifications to prevent tire rubbing and noises during turning.

There are cases of people who have installed 37-inch tires on stock F250s, but that must have come with heavy modifications to allow for the newer bigger-sized tires.

Biggest Tires on Stock F250 17 Rim

With a 17-inch rim or wheel size, you can be sure of fitting the following tires;

  • 275/80R17 or 34.3×10.8R17
  • 315/70R17 or 34.4×12.4R17
  • 325/70R17 or 34.9×12.8R17

Biggest Tires on Stock F250 18 Rim

These are the wheels that can fit 18-inch rims;

  • 285/75R18 or 34.8×11.2R18 tire
  • 295/70R18 or 34.3X11.6R18 tire
  • 305/70R18 or 34.8x12R18 tire
  • 325/65R18 or 34.6×12.8R18 tire

Biggest Tires on Stock F250 20 Rim

These are the wheels that can fit 20-inch rims;

  • 275/65R20 or 34.1×10.8R20 tire
  • 285/65R20 or 34.6×11.2R20 tire
  • 305/60R20 or 34.4×12R20 tire
  • 315/60R20 or 34.9×12.4R20 tire
  • 355/50R20 or 34×14R20 tire

Biggest Tires on Stock F250 22 Rim

These are the biggest tires on a stock F250 truck with a 22-inch sized rim;

  • 285/55R22 or 34.3×11.2R22 tire
  • 295/55R22 or 34.8×11.6R22 tire
  • 305/50R22 or 34×12R22 tire
  • 325/50R22 or 34.8×12.8R22 tire

You’ll need to learn how to interpret these values to get their exact meaning. For instance, here’s how to interpret a value like 275/80R17. The 17 stands for a 17-inch rim (diameter), while the R stands for the standard construction method, otherwise known as Radial. 275 is the tire’s width (in millimeters), and 80 is the tire’s aspect ratio.


The F250 is a power-packed truck, meaning that you can easily install massive tires without taking on the overall performance too much. It comes with 385 hp and 475hp power ratings. However, you’ll need to consider the truck’s performance to determine which tires will feel most comfortable to your truck.

Again, when fitting in larger tires, you’ll notice that you’ll need to do a few modifications to allow for perfect tuning of the tires, especially on the front wheels. If you are going off-roading, you’ll need to expect too much in modifications.

Bigger tires usually tend to take a hit on your MPG, of course, among other disadvantages, and it would be great if you stayed within the manufacturer’s maximum size limits.

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