Best Dirt Bikes For 10-11-12-Year-Olds [Starter Guide]

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Choosing a dirt bike for a 10-11-12-year-old can be a pain in the neck. There are just too many brands out there.

Perhaps you have decided which one you want to get but you see bad reviews about it, no worries!

This article will help you to settle for your kid, the:

  • Best electric dirt bikes 
  • Best gas dirt bikes

Consideration Features

Depending on your child’s desire and specification requirements, you might already have some factors in mind before buying the dirt bike. However, let us consider three general and vital features you should consider:

Feature #1: Engine

The engine of a dirt bike is critical. The speed, weight, and almost every other parameter of a minibike depend on the engine. Here are the primary engine classifications:

  • Electric/Gas:
    You must be familiar with gas engines from cars. To keep the machine going, you need to refuel it constantly. Bikes with electric engines are quite different. You need to charge them before you can ride. The battery capacity and charging speed varies for other electric bikes.
  • Gas (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke):
    Here, the stroke refers to the motions of the bike pistons. A 2-stroke system tends to produce the quick, instantaneous acceleration and inconsistent speeds. 4-stroke engines give a bike a higher top speed with a constant acceleration.
  • Gear/Centrifugal:
    These types of engines warrant a little pedaling at your end. Just like your car, this machine has a functional gear transmission that propels the bike. The gear numbers vary between brands. Nevertheless, the underlying principle remains constant because an engine’s output rises with increasing gear number.

Feature #2: Speed

How fast do you need your bike to be? Speed is a significant consideration for picking a bike for your 10-12-year-olds. The recommended speed for children of this age is about 18-22 mph. It would be best if you weighed your options before selecting your bike. More times than often, the engine is a significant determinant of top speed.

Feature #3: Size & Weight

More times than often, it is best to go for a light bike. The minibike material and engine contribute to its overall size and weight. Light small-framed bikes are better options for young children. Averagely electric bikes for children of this age weigh about 20-25 kg while gas bikes weigh lower at around 18-22 kg.

Best Electric Dirt Bike For 10-11-12-Year-Olds

Razor MX350 – Best Budget

The Razor MX350 comes with an alloy that makes it weigh about 25 kilograms. This electric dirt bike comes in a complete package with high torque and a solid rear-wheel train drive. Such powerful features allow this dirt bike to attain a maximum speed as high as 14mph.

As it is an electric bike, you will find two 12v sealed batteries. They are simple lead-acid rechargeable batteries that power the cycle effectively. Your kid will get up to 30 minutes of continuous rumble with this electric setup. The Razor MX350’s tires come in a pneumatic knobby style which makes them suitable for off-road movement.

The bike has a small frame; 24.5 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 44 inches off the ground. It comes with a design that is suitable for 10 years old upwards. Consequently, don’t place younger children on this bike. You will find the Razor MX350 at a fair price.

Razor SX350 – Best Lightweight

Razor SX350 comes better than your average dirt bike. You will find it stocked up with a 24v lead-acid rechargeable battery that can last up to 30 minutes. This battery can power it up to a speed of 14mph. The frame and tire design showcase how inclined the SX350 is to off-road tracks.  

With a size spanning up to 43.7 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 21.7 inches above the ground, an average 10-year-old would find it comfortable. It is also a bit on the light side, weighing only 21.89 kilograms. You will find it priced at $462.5, which is a great price, considering the features that you stand to enjoy.

Razor SX500 – Best Powerful Battery

Razor SX500 comes with the full package, larger, more robust, and better. It spans across a length of 56 inches, 36 inches wide, and 24.5 inches tall above-ground levels. You will also find it a bit on the heavy side, edging on 98 pounds. Don’t be so quick to criticize the SX500, though; its features make the bike a king in its class.

You will find three powerful 12v batteries, giving the bike a total voltage of 36v that gives up to 40 minutes of intense use. Therefore, The dirt bike maximum speed spans up to 15 mph. With the pneumatic knobby tire design, your kid would cruise off-road with ease. 

With its speed and power, you would expect that it also comes with a powerful stopping force. Furthermore, Razor SX500 does not disappoint as it features one of the best brakes in its class.

This bike is priced at $600 because it is way above your average electric bike. Also, the age requirement allows 10 years and above. Consequently, younger kids would be unable to cope with the power of this bike.

Best Gas Dirt Bike For 10-11-12-Year-Olds

Fit Right DB001 – Best For Starter

The DB001 comes with a firm and steady metal frame that gives it up to 48 pounds weight. It has been endorsed for 10 years and above, and its design offers an effective form of protection. The Fit Right DB001 spans 46 inches in length, 14 inches wide, and 26 inches tall, a typical size for kids. 

It comes with a 2-stroke gas engine that can ramp up the speed to as high as 20mph. Fit Right DB001 boasts top-notch engine durability and fuel efficiency. Also, it guarantees children’s safety with shock absorbers and pneumatic knobby tires for an off-road cruise. 

You will also find front and rear disc dual brakes that give the DB001 excellent stopping power; no need to worry about your kids moving at top speeds. For all these features, you will get it at $339.99. 

X-PRO Cyclone – Best 4-stroke Engine

You can easily dub the X-PRO Cyclone as one of the best in its class because it is magnificent. This beauty comes with an efficient 4-stroke engine that peaks at 20mph. Experts admit that the 4-stroke engine is more consistent and provides a smoother experience. With its engine power, it comes weighing at 44 pounds which presents itself as the perfect weight for consistent speed. 

The bike design gives it a noise-free ride. Any 10-year-old will be comfortable because it is a perfect size. It is 40 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 24 inches tall above ground level. All these features are packed into the frame of this perfect bike for only $319.00.

XtremepowerUS – Best Safety

XtremepowerUS takes after its name to bring on a platter of gold, a powerful 2-stroke engine that takes you up to 20mph. Recommended for 10 years upwards, it sits at 46 inches in length, 26 inches wide, and 28 inches tall. Any younger age bracket should keep off as much as possible as they may not handle the 41-pound weight.

The entire package comes for $399.95. Thankfully, every bit of the bike is worth it because of its unique design for safety and power. It can house up to 128 lb of weight. The large pneumatic tires with the twist-grip throttle allow your kid to have complete control over the bike. You don’t need to worry about being with them while they ride. 

The front and back brakes also make it possible for this off-road bike to come to an assertive pause irrespective of its speed. There is hardly any better safely designed bike for your kid than the XtremepowerUS.

Sum up

As we draw the curtains on this review, you should be able to pick a suitable bike for your child now. If you want a decent electric dirt bike that is not too expensive, then the Razor SX350 is a good choice. If you care less about the price, go for the best, SX500!

Perhaps you prefer a gas engine dirt bike; X-PRO Cyclone is an excellent choice with its 4-stroke engine and mid-price. Suppose you wish to go higher, then consider the XtremepowerUS.

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