Best HEI Distributor for Chevrolet 350–Buying Guide and Reviews

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The Chevy 350 engine is one of the most iconic engines of the 20th century. Due to its longevity, durability, and quietness, many people have stuck to this masterpiece from GM.

One problem for most Chevy 350 lovers is getting a good distributor for the engine. Due to the various options in the market today, it is usually tasking for most car enthusiasts to get a good product.

In this guide, we have assembled the factors to know before buying a Chevy 350 distributor. Also, we have reviewed three of the best HEI distributors for your vintage engine. Read on!

Best HEI Distributor: Comparison table     

In the table below, there is a summary of the specifications of the three distributors.

 Voltstorm Hei Ignition DistributorA-Team EFI TBI DistributorBravex High-Performance HEI Distributor
Dimension (in inches)16.73 x 9.57 x 7.216.25 x 6.29 x 6.117.7 x 9.4 x 6.9
RPM (in revs per min)9,0007,5007,500 (max of 9,000)
Coil voltage (in volts)65,000 (upgradable to 75,000)65,00065,000 (upgradable to 75,000)
Design4-pin ignition module, with Japanese NSK bearing and aviation grade Aluminum.Chromoly steel gear, steel interior design, and CNC-machined Aluminum housing4-pin ignition module, red cap with bearing, and CNC machine aircraft-grade 7071 Aluminum housing
CompatibilityWide range of GM vehicles, as well as big and small block Chevys.V8 engines from GMWide range of GM vehicles, as well as big and small block Chevys.

Best HEI Distributor: Details Review

Voltstorm HEI Performance – Best bang for the buck

Voltstorm hei distribution
Voltstorm Performance HEI Distributor
The Performance Hei Distributor is designed with CNC machined billet aluminum for a perfect fit with a standard size HEI and Redcap.

The Voltstorm HEI ignition distributor has enough power and complete functionality for racing applications. The exterior material for this distributor is CNC machined aviation-grade 7071 aluminum. This type of Aluminum is known for its ability to thrive well under poor environmental conditions.

It also has a melanized steel gear for reinforcement and perfect performance. Also, the internal parts of the Voltstorm HEI distributor are made from hardened steel to increase its durability. Due to its design and structure, this machine is compatible with several GM vehicles.

You should not have any problems with installing this distributor because it has a direct-fit design and a 4-pin ignition module. It is perfect for small and big block Chevys. Furthermore, it can deliver a massive electrical power output, thanks to its brass terminals and standard 65-kilovolt spark coil.

This combination will produce 9000 rpm worth of constant ignition. The brass terminals allow for smooth conduction of electric current and reduction of power losses.  If you wish, you can also upgrade the voltage rating of the distributor to 75kv.

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HEI Distributor has everything you need with high-quality aluminum housing and hardened steel dual bushing construction.

A-Team EFI TBI HEI652R – Best budget

Ateam efi tbi hei652r
A-Team EFI TBI HEI652R Distributor
The A-Team distributor is a direct replacement for OEM parts with additional improvements that deliver the perfect fit of an OE with better performance and reliability.

This product from the A-team performance store is good enough as an OE (Original Equipment) replacement. Therefore, it will be a good tool if you have plans to replace your onboard computer-controlled OEM distributor.

The interior of the A-team EFI TBI distributor features high-quality steel geared for perfection. The weight of this machine is 3.03 pounds and its dimension is 16.25 x 6.29 x 6.1 inches. It also comes with a top-notch and heavy-duty Chromoly steel gear, as well as a CNC machined aluminum housing.

This product has a responsive magnetic pickup trigger. The operating voltage for this distributor is 12 volts. As for its compatibility, it should work with big and small block V8 engines from GMC. However, you need to confirm if it will fit your vehicle, in case you plan to buy one.

One downside of this distributor is that it is not suited for racing. Also, it does not come with a user manual. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t have any problems installing it.

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The A-Team EFI TBI distributor will provide OE fit and greatly improved performance and reliability

Bravex High-Performance HEI – Best for racing

This product from Steinbrucke can deliver high performance and a sustainable lifespan. If you love to participate in racing competitions, the ignition distributor is perfect for you.

Similar to the Voltstorm HEI distributor, it has CNC machine aircraft-grade 7071 Aluminum housing. This distributor also comes with high-quality melanized steel and a strong red cap.

Its powerful ignition coil can produce 65,000 volts and 7,500 rpm to boost up your speed in case you plan to race. The Bravex’s adjustable vacuum advance and 4-pin ignition module make it easy to install. This distributor will work for a wide range of GM vehicles.

What should I consider before choosing a Chevy 350 distributor?

Feature #1: Design

To select the right distributor for your Chevy 350 based on design, you need to pay attention to some facts. First, don’t go for Aluminum terminals. Instead, choose the brands with brass terminals.

Brass is known for good conductivity and durability while Aluminum will not last long. Also, pay attention to the distributor caps. Don’t place appearance over functionality in making this decision.

A simple cap might last longer compared to flashy-looking types. Also, the rotor should be designed to minimize electric arc production as much as possible. If you drive your Chevy 350 frequently or in races, select a distributor whose rotor can withstand tough driving and corrosion.

Feature #2: Compatibility

If you need a new distributor that will work for your Chevy 350, take note of the dimensions of the old one. Then, use a screwdriver to remove the current one in your vehicle. Check the length and the number of gear teeth. It should be identical to the new one you want to install.

These two specifications are important. Also, you need to verify whether you have a big or small engine block. Moreover, this factor affects the compatibility of any distributor you want to buy.

Feature #3: Power

You should consider the electrical output of the distributor you want to purchase. A high voltage of 65,000 volts and a speed of 7,500 RPM should be perfect for any application. However, your budget should also come into the picture here.

This is how to correctly install a 350 Chevy Distributor – By Myvintageiron7512


If you are in search of the best distributor for your Chevy 350, you should go for the Voltstorm HEI ignition distributor. It is reliable, easy to install, well-designed, and durable.

Furthermore, the exterior and internal materials used in this product make it good for racing applications and harsh weather conditions.

The Bravex High-performance HEI Distributor is not far behind at all. In fact, it has almost the same specs as the Voltstorm. This product is also a good one. If you are not into racing or aggressive driving, go for the A-Team EFI TBI distributor.


1. What is an ignition distributor?

An ignition distributor is a mechanical tool that transfers electric current from the secondary coil to the spark plugs of a vehicle. It does so for the right interval, according to the firing order of a vehicle.

2. Are Chevy distributors interchangeable?

Yes. All Chevy V8 distributors are interchangeable.

3. Who makes the best distributors?

Voltstorm produces the best distributors. However, there are also other premium manufacturers like SDSteinbrucke, Mostplus, MSD, and A-Team.

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