Best Replacement Engine for 5.4 Triton

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The Ford 5.4 Triton is a naturally aspirated V8 from Ford Motor. Since its production in 1997, this engine has been used to power several full-sized trucks and sports vehicles like the Ford Expedition, Ford F-150, and Lincoln Navigator.

The 5.4 Triton engines are known for for their durability and power. However, like all engines, they eventually need to be replaced. If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful engine to replace your 5.4 Triton, you are in the right place.

In this guide, we will be discussing the best 5.4 Triton replacement. This article also cover the cost and 5.4 Trition problems.

Ford 5.4 Triton Engine Overview

The Ford 5.4L Triton engine features a SOHC (Single) or DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) design in a V configuration. It succeeded the 4.6L V8 and preceded the Ford 5.2L Voodoo/Predator in production. This 5.4 replaced the 5.0-liter V8 that was used in the previous generation of Ford vehicles. It was the first V8 engine from Ford to feature variable cam timing, and was also available with an aluminum block.

Moreover, the 5.4 Triton engine was used in a wide range of Ford vehicles, including the F-150 pickup truck, the Expedition SUV, and the Mustang muscle car. You can also find it in some Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. This engine was available in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations. The 5.4 Triton engine was discontinued in 2014, and was replaced by the 3.5-liter Ecoboost V6 engine.

Specs5.4 Triton Engine
Cylinder blockCast Iron, Aluminum
Cylinder headAluninum
Bore size3.55'' (90.2mm)
Stroke size4.17'' (105.8mm)
Fuel typeGasoline
Valvetrain layoutSOHC/DOHC
Number of cylinders8
Firing order1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8
Oil Capacity6.0 qts/5.7L (1997 -2003)
7.0 qts/6.6L (2004+)
Oil change interval10,000 km/ 5,000miles/ 6 months
Longevity200,000 - 300,000 miles

Which 5.4 Ford Engine Is The Best?

2011-2012 Triton 5.4L

The 2011-2012 Triton 5.4L – 4 valve came with 550hp and 510lb-ft of torque, making it one of the most powerful Ford engines. The 5.4L Triton was improved in 2011, and the cam phaser and spark plug issues were resolved. However, the engine still had minor problems like crank angle sensor and occasional spark plug issues.

5.4 Triton Engine – 2 Valve

Below are some vehciles which equipped with 5.4 Triton – 2valve engine include the following:

Years Make/GenerationVehicle LineupEngine Power
1997–1998Ford F-Series235 hp
330 lb-ft
1999–2004Ford F-Series260 hp
350 lb-ft
1999–2004Ford SVT Lightning380 hp
450 lb-ft
2002–2003Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Edition340 hp
425 lb-ft
1997–1998Ford Expedition
Lincoln Navigator
235 hp
330 lb-ft
1999–2004Ford Expedition
Lincoln Navigator
260 hp
350 lb-ft
1997–1998Ford E-Series235 hp
330 lb-ft
1999–2017Ford E-Series260 hp
350 lb-ft

5.4 Triton Engine – 3 Valve

Below are some vehicle lineup which equipped with 5.4 Triton – 3 valve engine:

Years Make/GenerationVehicle LineupEngine Power
2002–2005Ford Falcon/Futura/Fairmont/Fairmont Ghia327 hp
347 lb-ft
2003–2004Ford Fairlane G220
Ford LTD
295 hp
347 lb-ft
2005–2007Ford Fairlane G8
Ford LTD
309 hp
369 lb-ft
2006–2007Ford Falcon/Fairmont Ghia309 hp
369 lb-ft
2004–2008Ford F-Series300 hp
365 lb-ft
2009–2010Ford F-Series310 hp
365 lb-ft
2009–2010Ford F-Series320 hp
390 lb-ft
2005–2014Ford Expedition
Lincoln Navigator
310 hp
365 lb-ft
2006–2008Lincoln Mark LTN/A

5.4 Triton Engine – 4 Valve

Below are some vehicle lineup which equipped with 5.4 Triton – 4 valve engine:

Years Make/GenerationVehicle LineupEngine Power
1999–2004Lincoln Navigator300 hp
355 lb-ft
2002Lincoln Blackwood300 hp
355 lb-ft
2000Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R385 hp
385 lb-ft
2007–2009Ford Shelby GT500500 hp
480 lb-ft
2008–2009Ford Shelby GT500KR540 hp
510 lb-ft
2010Ford Shelby GT500540 hp
510 lb-ft
2011–2012Ford Shelby GT500550 hp
510 lb-ft
2004–2006Ford GT550 hp
500 lb-ft
2002–2008Ford Falcon XR8349 hp
369 lb-ft
2003–2008Ford Falcon FPV GT389 hp
384 lb-ft
2007Ford Falcon FPV GT Cobra405 hp
398 lb-ft
2008–2010Ford Falcon FPV GT422 hp
406 lb-ft
2018–presentBrabham BT62691 hp
492 lb-ft

How Long Will A 5.4 Triton Engine Last?

On average, the 5.4L Triton engine lasts around 200,000 to 300,000 miles. However, these figures depend on several factors, like the environment you drive in. Nonetheless, under proper care and maintenance, your engine can go beyond 450,000 miles.

Let’s see how the vehicle owners talk about 5.4 Triton engine’s longevity:

“I drive a E350 van with the 5.4 to and from work every day. It has 281,000 miles, hard driving miles on it. Because it is a company owned van, only the minimum things have been done. I have had the battery replaced, EGR sensor, shocks, tires, ball joints, air filter, and too many oil changes to count. Never changed the tranny or any other fluids. It stills rock and rolls and has not shown any signs of quiting. I haul about 5,000 lbs of parts for repairing vending machines every day. Thats why I bought a new f150 in 2003; I WAS IMPRESSED WITH THEIR DURABILITY.”

“I’ve got an 04 that is sitting at 214,000 (Km). Runs like a charm.”

“200K should be no problem….it all depends on how you drive it and treat it.”

“My dad had a 99 F250 5.4, 5spd, 4×2. Drove it to 200,000miles. Alot of highway but also a decent bit of pulling. 3600lb boat, 2400lb flat bed with 8000lb Tractor, 28ft gooseneck stock trailer loaded with cattle. You get the drift. Sold it at 200k. The guy that bought it drove it to 315000 miles and traded it in. Nothing more than basic maintenance. Dad now has an identical truck except 01, auto trans. Over 200,000 miles (not sure on exact amount, around 230k something I think). Basic maintenance and 1 trans. Hope that helps.”

What Is The Best Replacement Engine for Ford 5.4 Triton?

Any modified form of the 5.4L Triton is a quality replacement for the original. Nothing is directly interchangeable. Any other motor will require modifications and adaptation, which might be costly, and lead to future complications.

If you’re looking for a replacement engine for your Ford 5.4 Triton, you have a few different options. You can either go with a new or used engine, or you can opt for a remanufactured engine.

The new engines will obviously be the most expensive option, but they’ll also be the most reliable. On the other hand, used engines can be a good choice if you can find a good one; however, you have to do your research to make sure it’s in good condition. Remanufactured engines are a good middle ground – they’re cheaper than new engines, but they’re also more reliable than used engines.

OEM Vs Remanufactured 5.4L Triton Engine

The OEM vs Remanufactured Engine debate has been on for years now. Both replacement parts share pros and cons, and the sole decision will solely rest on you. However, here’s a little insight on the same;

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. They are not manufactured by either a subsidiary or third-party manufacturer, as most people would think they do. They hold several cons, one of the greatest being the assurance of quality. Again, you’ll have an easy time selecting parts, as you won’t need to rely on trial and error. Moreover, you get a manufacturer’s warranty that will give you the assurance that you’re using a quality product.

On the dull side, they are more expensive than remanufactured engines, and you won’t find OEM engines on many outlets as you’d find for their remanufactured counterparts. However, you can purchase for the OEM parts, not the whole engine.

Remanufactured engines are third-party manufactured and not in any way affiliated with the original manufacturer. As a result, they are cheaper than OEM engines, which is their fundamental strength. In most instances, they also record good quality and are a definite bang for the buck if you’ll be lucky to find one reliable piece. Remanufactured engines are readily available on many outlets, and you get a wide variety to choose from.

On the other side, some come with a lower quality than the original material and shorter, riskier warranty offers.

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How Much Does It Cost To Rebuilt The 5.4 Triton Engine?

Sometimes, price is a priority when deciding what solution to provide to your broken engine. However, opting into buying a new engine should be your last resort since a new engine surpasses the price of getting it re-done. That is the reason we have remanufactured engines.

The remanufactured 5.4 Triton engine comes with customized parts and added advantages at a more affordable price. These added parts aim to reduce the occurrences of the mentioned problems.

The remanufactured engines are an absolute go-to due to their customizable profiles and pocket-friendly price.

Here are the prices of remanufactured 5.4L Triton engines from popular distributors.

Fraser5.4 Triton 2 valveBlock, Heads, Gasket Set, Oil Pump$23703 Yr/Unlimited miles, Parts & Labor
5.4 Triton 2 valveBlock, Heads, Gasket Set, Oil Pump (May or may not come w/ tinware)$27504 Yr/Unlimited miles, Parts & Labor
5.4 Triton 2 valveBlock, Heads, Gasket Set, Mellings M360 High Volume Oil Pump, Oil Pan, Timing Cover, Water Pump, Thermostat, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Spark Plugs. (May or may not come w/ tinware)$29185 Yr/Unlimited miles, Parts & Labor, No-fault Warranty
5.4 Triton 3 valveBlock, Heads, Gasket Set, Oil Pump. Updated Camshaft Phasers Installed, Spark Plug Issues Corrected. $26993 Yr/Unlimited miles, Parts & Labor
5.4 Triton 3 valveBlock, Heads, Gasket Set, Oil Pump. Updated Camshaft Phasers Installed, Spark Plug Issues Corrected. (May or may not come w/ tinware)$31994 Yr/Unlimited miles, Parts & Labor
5.4 Triton 3 valveBlock, Heads, Gasket Set, Mellings M360 High Volume Oil Pump, Oil Pan, Timing Cover, Water Pump, Thermostat, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Updated Camshaft Phasers Installed, Spark Plug Issues Corrected. (May or may not come w/ tinware)$33505 Yr/Unlimited miles, Parts & Labor, No-fault Warranty
TriStar5.4 TritonBlock, Crank, Rods, Bearings, Pistons, Rings, Camshaft, Cylinder Heads, Oil Pump, Pick up Tube, Timing Cover, Oil Pan Installed.$2500 – $35003 Yr/ Unlimited miles- Cover Parts & Labor up to $50/hr
Accurate Engines5.4 Triton 2 valveMain and Rod Bearings, Rings, Pistons, Timing Components, Oil Pump, Overhaul Gasket Set, Block Bore, Crank Ground, Connecting Rods Reconditioned, Cylinder Heads.$22953 Yr/100,000 miles
5.4 Triton 3 valveMain and Rod Bearings, Rings, Pistons, Timing Components, Oil Pump, Overhaul Gasket Set, Block Bore, Crank Ground, Connecting Rods Reconditioned, Cylinder Heads.$39953 Yr/100,000 miles
5.4 Triton 4 valveMain and Rod Bearings, Rings, Pistons, Timing Components, Oil Pump, Overhaul Gasket Set, Block Bore, Crank Ground, Connecting Rods Reconditioned, Cylinder Heads.$28953 Yr/100,000 miles
How to remove and install the Ford 5.4L 3V Triton engine – FordTechMakuloco

Common Problems Of The Ford 5.4L Triton

No engine is perfect. Even the best engines have their shortcomings or things that could have been better. The 5.4L Triton is not off the hook either, and it takes its share with some common problems that most users have been complaining about.

ford 5.4 triton common problems

Here are some common problems you might encounter on your 5.4L Triton.

Ignition Problems


If you’re having ignition problems with your Ford 5.4 Triton engine, there are a few possible causes. The 5.4L Triton experiences a couple of problems with its spark plugs, dirty fuel injectors, a clogged air filter, or ignition coil. In some cases, a bad oxygen sensor can also cause ignition problems. However, you know that spark plugs and ignition coils are wear-and-tear-prone parts, so there’s a solution to the problem.


The 5.4L Triton ignition problems symptoms include;

  • Rough Idle
  • Misfires
  • Stuttering
  • Power Loss


As ignition coils and spark plugs continue wearing down, misfires become more evident. You can also pick misfiring problems from reading the fault codes. On the other hand, misfires trigger a trail of other issues, including stuttering, rough idle, and power loss. If you experience these kinds of symptoms from your engine, begin looking for professionals’ advice.

The solution, in this case, is replacing the ignition coils and spark plugs. Ford recommends that you replace all spark plugs or ignition coils since the chances are that the whole set is worn out. It is an easy process to carry out; even lesser-experienced DIYers can get their way around the activity.

Fuel Pump Problems


FDM, Fuel Pump Driver Modules also fail on the Ford 5.4L triton. The driver module is placed towards the steel frame’s rear. The module, which is aluminum, is exposed to all elements (dirt, salt, water, etc.) These elements enter and pile in the fuel pump driver module and cause it to fail. Failing of the Fuel pump causes a cut-short of fuel to the engine, making it shut down occasionally.

ford fuel pump
Ford fuel pump replacement – Credit: mikejoez1


The 5.4L Triton fule pump problems symptoms include;

  • Stuttering
  • DTC P1233
  • Stalling
  • No start


Fixing the Fuel Pump driver module is pretty straightforward – It is a DIY project. You’ll only need to obtain the FDM, then access the rear frame and swap them. Updated models come with standoffs to keep the FDM from the steel frame.

Timing Chain Issues


Timing is a critical element in every engine. Variable Valve Timing and Timing Chain tensioners are known trouble areas on the 3-valve Triton.

If these valve timing issues aren’t handled appropriately and on time, you might be risking your engine to destruction.


The symptoms of a possibility of timing issues are;

  • Rough running
  • Knocking or rattling sounds


These are the most common symptoms. However, more symptoms might show up with time, which calls for fast action. Several things can cause tattling, but if it intensifies, take that as a red flag and have your 5.4L Triton checked.

The problem is not a walk in the park, unlike previously discussed cases. Replacing the timing chain is quite an expensive endeavor and needs the touch of an expert or experienced DIY’ers. So get yourself a kit and let an expert deal with the work.

Here are some parts and tools that you can need for the task:

Oil Pan Gasket Leak


Almost all car engines experience a leak problem. The Triton is not an exception either. However, an oil leak in the engine can’t be necessarily termed as a fault as gaskets are known to take abuse, and they will fall with time.

oil pan gasket leak
The oil pan gasket is leaking – Credit: Fenech627


Therefore, expect to see the following symptoms;

  • Burning oil smells
  • Under-engine leaks


Under-engine leaks are the most common sign. Burning oil smells will arise when the oil lands on hot engine components. You’ll now have to replace your gaskets. Their prices are considerably low, but you’ll need to factor in labor too. 

What’s wrong with the Ford Triton 5.4? – DEBOSS GARAGE

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The 5.4L Triton is a pretty reliable engine. It has performed consistently over the years, even though it faces problems as all other engines do. When that happens, you’re confronted with the dilemma of either getting a remanufactured model or replacing it with a new one.  

Replacing the engine is costly. That’s why there are remanufactured options that quite serve the intended purpose at a reasonable price too. In addition, they are deemed more durable and reliable as remanufacturing involves more rigid and robust engine components.

The choice is yours, though!

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