Raptor Liner Vs. Line-X: What Is The Best Bedliner Spray Application?

What Is Truck Bedliner Spray? Why Is It Needed?

Truck beds face a lot of abuse and need extreme care to last long. You can protect the truck by using a bed liner spray. These sprays act as a protective coating, which enhances the durability as they form a strong barrier.

The truck bed liner sprays can withstand both physical abuse and extreme weather conditions equally well. Moreover, its application is simple. It protects your vehicle bed from dents due to the bed liner’s hard yet tensile cushioning effect. It helps in dispersing the pressure, which flexes the surface and minimizes the damage.

Application Of Truck Bedliner Spray

While applying a truck bed liner, you need to be very cautious and perform it carefully. The bed liner spray adheres well only when you prepare it appropriately to facilitate good clinging to the surface. Cleaning and sanding are the basic requirements first. Applying a primer will drastically enhance its adherence.

The best bed liner sprays preferred by many truckers are Raptor liner and Line-X bed liner sprays.

Raptor Liner vs. Line-X

Here is an overall comparison of Raptor liner vs. Line-X for their features, price range, along with pros and cons.

Raptor linerLine-X
Raptor is durable for normal wear and tear but not as strong as Line-X.Line-X is extremely durable with the ability to withstand heavy-duty abuse.
Raptor comes in an approximate price range of $130 to $250 for a 4-quart pack. The higher price range includes a complete kit with a sprayer gun.Line-X is expensive in comparison to Raptor as it costs anywhere between $500 – $700 and it depends on the type of liner you choose.
Raptor is for DIY so saves you a fortune on installation charges and also gives you the satisfaction of doing it all by yourself.Line-X must be installed professionally and also its installation charges add up to the expenses.
Raptor provides good resistance and impact reduction but has a certain limit which is less than Line-X but more than the challenge posed by many normal activities.Line-X provides excellent abrasion resistance and reduces the impact even in extremely harsh conditions.

There are several non-comparable aspects of these two liners which you need to know to have a complete picture of what they have to offer. Please find the in-detailed description below to understand what advantages they offer.

Raptor Liner

Raptor liner shielding will keep your truck bed as good as new even after several years as it creates an effective barricade. It is available on Amazon as kits, and you can purchase depending on your needs. Once you finish coating, it dries into an ultra-hard and tough coating that does not allow any scratches, rust, and chipping.

Advantages Of A Raptor Liner

Previously plastic molds were used in protecting the truck beds from wear and tear. However, they needed exceptional manufacturing, had high shipping costs and even reduced the cargo space due to their bulk. Many could not afford it, and it even seemed to be an uneconomic solution. On the other hand, the Raptor liner comes in an easy-to-ship bottle that is comfortable transporting and applying.

Since it is a spray formula, it takes the truck bed’s exact shape and does not eat up the cargo space. Also, you can use dye pigments to change the color of the coating for aesthetic purposes. The raptor liner is useful in several other ways where you want to protect the surface from deterioration. It effectively protects floors, vehicle surfaces, and similar highly used places or things from easy abrasion. Also, it counters the effects of weather effectively.


If you want to keep your truck bed as good as new even after using it for years, then you should consider installing Line-X on it. Its heavy-duty standard is capable of withstanding arctic cold or searing heat. Line-X is engineered with tough polymers to give you supreme performance.

Line-X offers four kinds of protective liners. They are platinum, premium, standard, and Xtra.

  • Standard: It is a protective coating from corrosion, abrasion, and rust. Suitable for both casual and work-related uses.
  • Xtra: You can have the standard protection in a chosen color
  • Premium: In addition to both, you get UV protection and provide the new-looking ability for a lifetime.
  • Platinum: Along with all the above, it offers resistance to UV rays and a protective coating with 300% more toughness for withstanding extremely abusive usage.

Advantages of Line-X

Thisbedliner spray is put to the test in real-world situations and lab test conditions to check their strength and protection level in a harsh environment. Thus, the manufacturers ensure to provide you with durable and the highest possible defensive mechanism levels. The Line-X sprays come with high-level tensile strength, which allows them to stay intact despite rough usage. It gives unmatched guarding against tears, rips and gouges where the competitive sprays fail due to their soft nature.

Another advantage of Line-X is clinging well to every curve and angle that keeps your bed space available for the cargo. This feature gives it a factory-like finish that bonds permanently along with forming a watertight seal. Since there are no drill holes or airgaps, it leaves no chance for rust. Compared to a bare truck bed or a pre-manufactured liner, it offers lesser noise while traveling with goods.

As it gives rough texture to the surface, the cargo does not shift from place to place, absorbs the impact well, and effectively muffles the sound. Along with being corrosion resistant, it also offers protection from bleach, chlorine, household solvents, and similar daily use liquids. Most importantly, they provide high appraisal value when you sell the truck.


Applying truck bed liners can be done using sprayers, brushes, or rollers. Spraying is the most effective method as it gives an even coat. Brush and rollers may give uneven thickness, and the thicker places may turn out to be soft, which further allows breaches in protection. Above all, professional application is the best way of achieving excellent results. However, few people can achieve equally good results at home with proper care and the right action.

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